Ned LodwickNed S. Lodwick is a 1969 graduate of Mt. Orab Local High School and a 1976 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The history bug bit him in 1963 in classes taught by Rev. Robert Hatcher at Greenbush Elementary. Rev. Hatcher’s teaching style was that of a story teller. He didn’t think you needed to know every date. He thought there were some dates all Americans should know: July 4th 1776, April 12th 1861 and April 9th 1865, December 7th 1941, and November 22, 1963 for example. He said you could look up most dates as long as you knew the stories. He added that you should have a basic time line; you should know that WWI happened before WWII.

The ‘infection’ got worse in classes by A. J. Vanderment and Dr. Leo Bradley at Mt. Orab High. Then at The Ohio State University he carried a minor in history.

After graduation he returned to Brown County to practice Veterinary Medicine in Georgetown. The wealth of local history, especially Civil War history, was a draw on his spare time and it has led to what some friends call, probably in jest, an obsession to research the histories of local Civil War veterans and honor them by telling the public about their service.

He is Vice-President of the U.S. Grant Homestead Association and President of the Brown County Historical Society. He was a recipient of the 2009 Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums, “Outstanding Historian’s Achievement Award”.

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Brown County Tourism

Brown County featured on Ohio News Network Video

On Tuesday September 1, 2009 a new marketing video was filmed to promote the rich heritage, events and life style in Brown County to visitors. The video was produced by Ohio News Network and was featured in a brand new weekly magazine show, Ohio & Company. Veteran TV personality and host Eve Mueller showcases home, style, arts and living. Watch Video